Malas are 108 bead necklaces that have been used throughout Eastern cultures for centuries to count mantras and help monks and priests focus on their prayers or chants. I came to Malas while trying to use meditation to help manage my anxiety after I discovered my mind needed some physical cues to help me stay focused. Having the tactile reminder to focus on the task at hand helped me get into a deeper and more elevated meditative experience with my mantras and self affirmations. Once I realized how many people were in a similar situation to myself I wanted to help you all find the benefit, relief, and peace I’ve found

Malas are traditionally made with different materials that societies have placed spiritual or healing meaning to – for example, to draw affluence or ‘increase’ traditionally gold or silver beads are traditionally used. Each gemstone you can use in a Mala has a particular benefit attached to it. Whether you use and believe in the energy and healing powers of these stones, or choose to apply their meaning as a mental reminder and self-monitoring tool for yourself, the power is real! You can use your Mala as a meditation tool, or wear it throughout the day as protection or a reminder of what you’re working so hard on improving in yourself and life.

Each and every Mala I create is assembled by me with all the love, good vibes, and positive intentions I can manifest for you. I use 100% naturally sourced gemstones, wood, and seeds to assemble meaningful pieces tailored to help you achieve your goals. Working with you to create a custom and specific set of beads to help soothe, attract, deflect, enhance, manifest, meditate is my passion though we always have pre-assembled Malas meant to help with some afflictions more people commonly seek help for as well!